Welcome to Nostalgiafy!

What is Nostalgiafy?

Nostalgiafy is a free open source web application which connects to your Spotify account and shows you which of your saved albums was released today - but a few years ago.


It's Free!

This is a fun project I did and I am not looking to make any money from it. If you like it, you can donate to help support the running costs.

Open Source

The entire project is completely open source so others can learn from it, contribute to it, or just feel safer that you know what's going on.

Built on Zeit

The entire project is built using Zeit Next.js and the Now serverless platform.

About Me

My name is Eyal Eizenberg. I am an engineering team leader at Wix. I love music and web development and thought this could be a fun project that others might like to use as well.

Feel free to contact/follow me on the following platforms: